Our daily tasks revolve around electricity. When the power is out, it affects our work routine badly. In this way, generators are the appliances of ultimate importance. They prove very useful during power outages. Generators are made in different configurations depending on their performance. You can choose your generator size based on your backup power needs. Small-scale generators are suitable for residential for a good backup of power. While large-scale generators provide versatile power backup for commercial and industrial appliances.

The generator 50kw is an optimum power generator that provides effective performance for essential appliances in industries and commercial buildings. It proves to be the most reliable and versatile power generator that provides a maximum power of 60-208amps during power outages. It is approximately 58 inches high and 97 inches wide.

Some important features of the generator 50kw

Purchasing a generator 50kw is a big deal. As it is a very expensive generator, you have to know about the features of generator 50kw before making the final deal. Some of its details are described below:

Cooling operating system

It consists of a standard cooling system that enables it to operate reliably for a long period during power outages.

Aluminum enclosures

Its aluminum enclosures have favorable corrosion resistance properties. It may also be coated with powdered paint. The generator 50kw has removable aluminum panels and service doors providing a way into the generator when you have to provide maintenance and services.


Expensive and big deals demand a warranty and so in this case, the generator 50kw is supported by the comprehensive guarantee by the seller. The warranty pattern ensures its valid performance and service life.

Less fuel consumption

Generator 50kw consumes less fuel. The reason is that diesel has high energy ps running the generator smoothly and provides more power even if a small engine is available to it.

Automatic operation

Generator 50kw performs quite well in automatic mode and provides you relief from struggles to start it whenever the power is out. You can attain automatic operation by using the generator 50kw with a cummins automatic transfer panel.

Silent and easy to maintain

In general, the generators are noisy that cause disturbance and noise pollution. But in the case of a generator 50kw, you have to option to go for a silent generator set. This will help you to work without any noise disturbance. It is quite easy to maintain.


Generator 50kw is enough durable and resilient to take on all types of power supply tasks. Its aluminum structure makes it sturdy and resistant to corrosion and environmental defects.

The Bottom Line

Generator 50kw can run several comprehensive appliances when the power is out. While purchasing it from a company, keep in mind the company’s standard and demand for a warranty. It is the best option if you are looking to overcome power outages in your industries or commercial sites. The mentioned premium features of generator 50kw validate its stability. It will effectively meet all your power supply needs for standby applications.


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