Your garden is in the perfect condition you want. However, the pile of the tangled garden hose makes the area unsightly. If that is the case, you need to get it in place. You need the perfect 130 ft garden hose reel. There are different types of garden hose reels available. How do you get the best one? This depends on different factors, such as personal budget, gardening style, and property size. These are some of the important things you ought to know about garden hose reels.

Benefits of a Garden Hose Reel


This is an important reason for purchase a garden hose reel. The truth is that most people trip easily on the hose if there is no reel. When you get the right reel, you can forget about this problem. That is because, with a reel, you only pull the length you need. In this way, you can prevent accidents from occurring.


As noted above, there are different types of reels available on the market. Some of them are retractable, whereas others are manual. It is advisable to purchase a retractable garden hose reel as it makes wrapping an easy process. In fact, you will spend a minimal amount of energy to wrap your hose.


When you use a garden hose reel, you can minimize the amount of clutter in the yard or lawn. That is because the hose reel makes it easier to use the garden hose. With the reel, you do not have to throw the hose on the ground anymore.


Rather than leaving your garden hose thrown on the ground when you are done with watering, you can now have it on your reel. This helps to prevent damage to your grass and plants.


The good thing about using a garden hose reel is that it minimizes damage to your hose. In fact, the hose does not have cracking and tangles. Moreover, it will not be exposed to sun damage. As a result, you do not have to replace your garden hose now and again. This can help you save money in the long run.

Choosing a Hose Reel

Retractable or Manual

Most garden hose reels are not retractable. The good thing about a retractable hose reel is that it a lot for you. You can automatically roll your hose back. The manual ones have handles to use. You should note that the retractable hose reel cannot help with pulling the hose. The pulling must be done by you.


It is advisable to consider the portability of your garden hose reel. When you have a large garden hose, it becomes challenging to move around. Thus, if you have a long enough hose, you should consider getting a wall-mount hose reel.


When purchasing the best garden hose reel, you need to determine the length of the hose. In this way, you can get the right reel. Experts recommend that you buy a reel that is longer than the hose. This is necessary to accommodate the increased length of the hose when it gets hotter.


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