Summer is a beautiful season for vaping, and there is nothing more delightful than having your e-cig on your lips while soaking in the sun. However, the rays may not be so friendly to your vape as they could be affected by multiple factors, majorly heat.

Still, that doesn’t mean you must stop vaping once it’s summer. All you need to do is follow the essential vaping tips below for every summer. They will inform you what and what not to do during the season. These will also enable you to avoid accidents and keep your mind at ease while enjoying your vaping experience.

4 Important Vaping Tips for Every Summer

Never Leave Vape in a Hot Vehicle

Leaving your vape in a heated car, truck, van, etc., increases the likelihood of it leaking. This is because the device comes in contact with direct heat, not necessarily sunlight, which makes the e-liquid within hotter. As the liquid’s temperature increases, it gets thinner and seeps out of the device.

Therefore, whenever you leave your vape in your car, it is advisable to leave it in the glove compartment or shield it from the sun and other heated factors.

Stay Away from Direct Sunlight While Vaping

The second of the four critical vaping tips for every summer is never getting close to the sun while vaping. While this may be hard given the season and your desire to soak in the rays, your vape will not fare so well as high temperatures are damaging to them.

As you read above, heat, including direct sunlight, makes your e-liquid thinner. And the more your vape is exposed to the sun, the more possible you will get a leaking device. Furthermore, the device’s batteries have to be considered. Extreme temperatures naturally spoil batteries, even the inbuilt ones. So, it would help if you keep your vape in a shaded spot, out of the sun, or cover it with fabric, to maintain its durability.

Always Vape with a Summer E-liquid

There are varieties of e-liquids to pick from, but given the summer season, you should stick to the right ones for the warm weather. You could use the fruity flavors or a more concentrated e-liquid to take your summer to the next level. Otherwise, get an excellent experience with a more mellow flavor, ideal for the lovely summer.

Stockpile Vaping Necessities for Summer

Having a summer vacation in an area with no vape shops will undoubtedly be a bummer for any vaper. But with your vaping supplies stockpiled ahead, you will not have to worry about faulty or leaking devices.

Before going on that getaway, purchase extra batteries, coils, e-liquid, tanks, and even vapes, to prepare for the unexpected. You can click here to get that spare e-cig that will surely guarantee an unforgettable summer.


Summer should not be so dull just because you are worried about vaping. You can always prepare your vape for the warm season by following these essential vaping tips for every summer. This will ease those worries and, at the same time, maintain those vapes while enjoying the warm weather.  Even after summer, you can still practice some of these tips to help you enjoy the vaping experience all year long.


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