If you are a wig wearer or have any experience with wigs then you are well aware of transparent HD invisible wigs. But there are lots of people who get confused between HD lace and transparent lace. Moreover, lots of people don’t know the steps to install HD invisible wigs.

If you are one of them and want to know the entire procedure of installing a transparent HD invisible wig then you are in the right place. Given article will let you know about the whole procedure as well as the benefits you get by using HD invisible wig,

Transparent HD Invisible Wig

Transparent HD invisible wig refers to such a wig that is being manufactured using a special kind of royal lace material. This material is named Swiss lace and is considered invisible because when it is applied to the scalp then it becomes invisible.

This invisibility is because lots of people want to show their hairline even with a wig. These kinds of wigs appear to be very natural and are also very easy to install. Now, let us have a look at the steps of installing these wigs.

Steps To Install HD Invisible Wig

Although the transparent HD invisible wig seems to be complicated to install, in actuality it’s not. The given steps will show how easily this wig can be installed:

Prep Your Hair:

First of all, you have to prep your original hair. This is because you have to keep your original hair safe even if you use wigs so much. Hence, try to wash your hair often and use different serums.

Applying The Wig:

Now, it’s time to apply the wig on the scalp. As mentioned above, after applying the wig your hairline will remain visible.


Now, the important but a bit complicated process starts. Adjust the wig carefully so that it fixes perfectly without damaging the original hair.


You can easily style your hair according to your interest. Make sure, the hd lace wig is not very tight otherwise it will damage your scalp.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Transparent HD Wig

Advantages of using transparent HD invisible wig:

  • These wigs seem to be undetectable to the naked eye hence are natural looking
  • There is no chance of itching as it consists of thin and light material
  • There is no need to attach the wig to the scalp using glue
  • These wigs can blend with every skin tone

Disadvantages of using transparent HD invisible wig are:

  • The supply of Swiss lace is limited because of its popularity in the society
  • It is expensive compared to other wigs
  • As lace is then, the fabric can easily be torn off

Ending Remarks

Installing a transparent HD invisible wig is not a difficult task but only if you know the correct method. For assistance, we have discussed the steps of installing a transparent HD wig. The benefits and drawbacks of these wigs are also discussed above so that you know everything about the product you are using.


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