What is the Importance of a Positive Relationship?

What is the importance of a positive relationship? The relationship between a couple, their family and friends are what makes a happy home. Most of us are familiar with the concept of marriage. When we marry someone we pledge our love, devotion and future together.

We often hear words like commitment, trust and commitment. These are words that remind us of past commitments. How many of us can remember a romantic story where two people were talking about committing to each other? Probably not many! That is the reason why the word is so powerful.

When we go out on a relationship, we have a choice of either building a positive relationship or breaking it. Some people choose to build a positive relationship with someone they love. They spend time together building a strong foundation of communication and trust. They encourage each other and look out for one another.

When we are in a relationship we often give attention to others. We become generous with our love, gifts and affection. These acts create a positive relationship in which we give value to others and they give value to us. There is harmony between the two of us.

On the other hand, when we are breaking up a relationship there is no recognition, empathy or generosity. Instead there are anger, hurt feelings, revenge and the worst kind of resentment you can find. It feels as if the rug has been pulled out from under us. We feel rejected and unfulfilled. The feelings of pain and disappointment are overwhelming and there seems nothing that can be done to save the relationship.

When a relationship is going down the drain, we do not have the ability to see clearly and therefore miss the opportunity to do the things that will help us save the relationship and bring it back up again. We get so caught up in the midst of all of this that we are completely oblivious to the fact that we are actually making the problem worse. We continue to act in ways that aggravate the situation and make it even worse. We simply cannot seem to see the wood for the trees and start to salvage the relationship.

The important thing is to continue to be present in the relationship. Love that is unconditional will carry you through anything. If you want to feel secure and safe then you must stay connected emotionally to your partner at all times.

This does not mean that we are perfect. Our relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for just like any other relationship in life. However, it does mean that we need to do the right thing. If we continue to take action when we are in a bad relationship, we will be able to correct the problems that we have with our partner and then we will once again find ourselves in a relationship that is filled with love.

What is the importance of being secure in our relationship? It is our ability to be self-assured and self-respecting. If we are constantly struggling with our partner and are feeling insecure, it will manifest into behaviors and attitudes that are negative. If we constantly put our own needs and feelings above our partners, then we will never have true security in our relationship.

What is the importance of being comfortable where we are at? If we continually find ourselves compromising and working hard to please our partners, then we will never have true freedom. We will become trapped in our relationship and that can make it increasingly unhappy.

What is the importance of being happy with ourselves? As importantly as it is to love and be loved, we must also find happiness within ourselves. If we are constantly worrying about what we are doing and saying, we will become depressed. We must take a look at our own behaviors and attitudes and change them if we do not want our relationship to turn into unhappy one.

Lastly, what is the importance of a positive relationship? There is no greater feeling than being completely and totally free of all cares. We feel incredible when we are free from stress and anxiety and genuinely feel that everything is right in our relationship. If we can let go of our worries and fears, we will be able to focus on the beauty and the love in our lives. If we let go of the things that we do not like about our relationship, then we will continue to create new, wonderful things in our lives.


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