There’s a drastic reform witnessed in the watering equipment industry, made possible by Giraffe Tools, whose R&D department is producing gardening equipment to achieve an improved lifestyle. The product range under the garden hose and garden hose reels include stainless steel hose reels, garden hose reel, hose reel box, retractable garden hose reel, and wall-mounted hose reel. There are hybrid water hose and no-kink reinforced garden hose as well. All the products are designed to achieve unmatched performance.

Garden Hose Reels

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

The objective of this garden equipment with easy installation is to wind up automatically, eliminating the manual efforts to do so. This ensures neat and roll-up. Automatic winding is a rapid process that ensures the rolled-up reel doesn’t appear ugly in the garden. These retractable garden hose reels are available along with wall-mounted hose reels. Homeowners requiring a large water hose reel should opt for the automatic hose reel since rolling a long hose reel manually will be tiresome, and the efforts can be substituted with automatic reel ranges.

Stainless Steel Hose Reel

These reels are lockable at any length, becoming a piece of wonderful garden equipment. The automatic wind-up is highly convenient and will stay firm on the wall. The product is manufactured with high-quality raw materials (industrial grade stainless steel), ensuring durability and strength in the long run. The hose reel can resist extreme weather and corrosion. Buyers can be assured of quality when buying this product.

Wall-mounted Hose Reel

These are best suited for buyers with a low budget who’re looking for a low-capacity product. This can wind up automatically and comes with a nozzle with multiple features, such as a valve for water adjustment. Buyers will get a nozzle with nine patterns that include rinse, flat, shower, center, mist, vertical, soaker, and cone. To enlarge the working scope, there’s a 180 degrees swivel bracket. This product is made of brass and polypropylene, which indicate top-notch durability, making the product reliable garden equipment.

Garden Hose

Hybrid Water Hose

The name hybrid suggests that the product is lightweight while offering flexibility, allowing easier coiling. It has a pressure restriction of 150PSI, becoming ideal for yards and gardens. This hose can stay firm in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

No-Kink Reinforced Garden Hose

Buyers can get rid of twists and kinks as this product is designed in accordance with patented kink-free research. The product can be taken from trees, bushes, and corners, indicating its superb flexibility. There are industrial-grade lead-free aluminum and O-ring couplings to ensure nil water leakage. Expect it to last for several years, thanks to high quality and manufacturing standards.

More Products

Hose Reel Box

The hose reel box can enhance the visual appeal of the garden hose reels. It has non-slip feet and a mechanic handle, which is ideal for placement in lawns, gardens, and yards. The box is highly durable, which comes with a double seal water system. This garden equipment features an anti-rust design to withstand extreme weather conditions for a prolonged time. Homeowners will find this box highly convenient.


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