A smartwatch is an admirable gadget that attracts your attention from afar. If you are a lover of good watches, owning a smartwatch is an excellent deal as there’s a level of the class associated with it. Unlike regular watches, smartwatches are expensive and have a standardized look when leaving the store. Different brands have particular designs such that when you spot a wearable device, you can tell whether it’s Apple, Fitbit, Huawei, which you can buy from the Watch 3 store. After spending so much money on the watch, you’d at least want it to much your style and have elements you like. So, we discuss simple smartwatch customization methods below.

Simple Smartwatch Customization Methods

Personalizing your smartwatch gives it a unique look that mimics your personality. Some ways to do this include;

1. Changing the face of your smartwatch

While interacting with your smartwatch, the face is the first thing you see. Changing it to your liking is important. You can find watch faces on various app stores online as long as they fit your watch’s design. Such faces are referred to as third-party options, and they’re so many to choose from. You can design the faces you want, and once done, you can change them out as you please. When you long-press on the main screen, it vibrates, and all the face options appear for you to select.

Besides finding your style, face-changing also allows you to choose the complications you want on the watch, meaning the information you want to appear on the watch’s face. However, to achieve this, ensure your watch brand supports the third-party watch faces. Currently, brands like Apple don’t do that, but the Huawei brand is a perfect fit for watch face customization.

2. Change the bands of your smartwatch

Switching out the bands or watch is as much as you can go in changing the physical appearance of the smartwatch. This customization option is a great idea if you don’t want to spend more money getting a watch with an utterly different look. Most smartwatches can accommodate any band due to their similar sizes, but some can be challenging as they differ from the rest. However, to ensure you purchase the correct item, contact the store or retailer for details. You can go with a fancier strap, with stones, patterns, different materials, or color for personalization.

3. Install various complications on your smartwatch

Smartwatch complications are additional features or information added to the watch face. They can be categorized into two; basic and advanced complications. Examples of such basic elements are calendars, to-do lists, calculators, alarms, weather information, and others. An example of the advanced feature is the Spotify complications. It enables you to control the music you want to listen to from the face of your watch.

Final word

Above are the common ways to customize your smartwatch. Besides these three, there are many other methods for personalization like setting up a training plan, receiving guidance for your workout routine, diet, and many more. Smartwatch customization adds a style and theme to it making it stand out from the others. Also, it saves you the money you would have spent getting a new watch.


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