A human hair wig is the most popular or sought-after wig type. This is because they are donated by real people from different parts of the world hence the natural look. Human hair wig is durable, easy to maintain, easy and quicker to style, and can be worn in various styles. Naturally, since they offer numerous incredible benefits, they are usually expensive. However, if you are keen enough, you can find affordable human hair wigs. This post focuses on where you can get affordable human hair wigs.

Where can you get affordable human hair wigs?

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous places where you can get affordable natural hair wigs. Below are some great ideas;

1. Wholesalers

The first place you should go if you are looking for cheap wigs is wholesale stores. Wholesalers usually sell products in large quantities at low prices. They mostly sell to retailers, who then increase the costs of the products and sell to clients. Most wholesalers do not sell single products. However, they have different regulations.

For instance, some wholesalers usually sell at least ten pieces, while some can sell a minimum of three pieces. You can always look for wholesalers with low quantity demands and purchase cheap wigs from them. While you may have to get more than one product, you will still end up saving a lot.

For instance, you may end up getting three wigs for the price of one regular human hair wig from a retailer. You can also bargain for different wig styles so you can walk away with varying types of wigs for different occasions.

If you want to buy wigs from wholesalers, the other option is to look for stores with flash or clearance sales. In some cases, a wholesaler may remain with a single or a few pieces of a product in their inventory, and they wish to clear it before ordering a new one. In these specific times, they may allow individual clients to make single purchases. This is the best time to get your wig at extremely low prices.

2. Online retailers

You can also get affordable wigs from online retailers. Online stores can afford to sell products at low prices because they do not suffer hefty operational costs. For instance, they do not have to pay rent or hire much staff to run their stores as most operations are online. Therefore, they may offer low prices on various wigs.

3. Stores with discounts and clearance sales

You can also get affordable wigs from stores with discounts and offers such as clearance sale offers. For instance, you can look out for coupons and discount codes that you can use to purchase your wigs. However, this may require some effort as you would have to search for the codes or search stores with offers like flash and clearance sales.


When picking the best place to shop for cheap human hair wigs, the first thing you must ensure is that the quality of the products is not compromised. Some stores only offer low prices because their products are low-quality.


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