Before introducing your kids to permanent writing materials like biro and other advanced writing materials, you have to groom them through the basic process of writing with a pencil. While different types of pencils could work for this, gifting your kids a rainbow-colored pencil like the bleistifte kinder will be better, especially during their early writing stage.

Parents should have these un¬ique pencils in their kids’ rooms to enhance their creativity. Having a rainbow pencil around them at their early stage can help to unbundle their creativity. They can express themselves by drawing images, shapes, texts and decorating their environment.

So, if you’ve been drawing a gift list for your kids and you don’t know what to include, here are few reasons you should consider a rainbow-colored pencil on the gift list.

What can your kids gain from using a rainbow-colored pencil?

1. Coloring contributes to your kids writing skills

Introducing your kids to coloring at an early stage will assist them in perfecting their writing skills. In addition, rainbow-colored pencils come in different colors. So instead of going for the traditional pencil that only aids writing, gifting them a rainbow-colored pencil will achieve a dual purpose, which is enhancing their writing and also helping them to express their creativity.

2. Coloring assists in hand and eye coordination

For kids that are newly introduced to writing, using a rainbow-colored pencil is the best way to start. From the sharpening of the pencil to writing on a piece of paper, this can help your kids maintain highly of coordination between their hands and eyes while writing.

3. Coloring helps your kids get relaxed

Coloring has a way of reducing stress across different age grades and sex. With a rainbow-colored pencil, your kids will be able to make paintings on what they are inspired about, thus helping them ease stress and handle pressure more efficiently.

4. Coloring enhances their concentration level

When you introduce your children to coloring from a young age, it will help them to stay calm while focusing on the activity the task before them. Both coloring and drawing require concentration. So, the more they color images, shapes and write text with rainbow-colored pencils, the higher their concentration level.

5. Coloring expand knowledge

Coloring is not a magic wand that can make your kids into geniuses overnight. However, the more your kids, the more they will become better at knowing about colors, boundaries, textures, and structures in great detail.

6. Coloring can aid other skills

Coloring involves almost a high level of concentration, and nearly every part of the body is involved in the act. When your child starts coloring early, it helps them to develop muscles in the hand and wrist. This can aid other skills such as driving, typing, and writing in the future.


The best way to develop your kids’ mental capabilities is to introduce them to coloring at an early age. However, not all pencils can be used for coloring effectively. So to ensure they begin their coloring on a good start, consider a rainbow pencil as part of any gift package you plan to present to them on their birthday or any other special occasion.


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