Crocodile clips, an electrical equipment, is also known as alligator clips in the USA. It got its name to its resemblance to the jaws of a crocodile. It can also be called plier clips as well as battery clamps.

Crocodile clips are made from steel (stainless, nickel-plated and gold-plated), and copper. They are spring-loaded attachments with small teeth and serrated teeth. Materials like acetate, plastic, molded PVC, polyamide, polypropylene, rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, as well as other materials are used in making crocodile clips to enable them to be insulated as they are being used for electrical purposes.

They are used to create temporary and experimental electrical connections. They can be used in laboratories or even industries.

It is often used in schools to do demonstrations to students. There are also bigger crocodile clamps that are used in garages to repair vehicles. They are used to demonstrate the functions of batteries, circuit, bulbs and also absorb excess heat.

Types of crocodile clips

There are different types of crocodile clips. The types depend on how they are made and the materials they are made of which in turn dictates the functions it serves. These types include:

  1. Insulated Crocodile Clip: The insulated Crocodile clip is basically used to create electrical connections. Most part of it is made of insulated materials and this helps to protect the user from the electricity.
  2. Plastic Crocodile Clip: This type of crocodile clips is made with plastic shells. This plastic shells perfectly provides insulation for the user. This makes it a perfect tool for connecting electricity.
  3. Heavy-duty Crocodile Clip: The heavy-duty Crocodile clips according to its name are used to do more powerful jobs like fixing generators, vehicles, battery chargers and welding tools.
  4. Micro Crocodile Clips: The micro crocodile clips are suitable for a number of small tasks which includes clipping test meters, battery connections and grounding electrical equipment.

Some questions that are commonly asked about alligator clips

What is the difference between Alligator clips and Crocodile clips?

Alligator and Crocodile clips are basically the same thing. They are only called different names in different places. They are called crocodile clips in the United Kngdom while the United Sates seems to favour calling them crocodiles clips. After considering use of language, we arrive at the same thing for both, just like trousers and pants.

Are alligator clips only used for tests?

Alligator clips can also be used for a couple other function like demonstrating the functions of batteries, circuits, bulbs and also to absorb excess heat. The bigger ones are also used to repair power generators. And you know what? You can even use your alligator clips to hold something together at home temporarily.

Where can I buy an alligator clip?

You can buy an alligator clip from any tool shop. You can also check online stores like AliExpress for alligator clips. Online stores can ship it to your home in any part of the world.

Are Alligator clips electrical or mechanical equipment?

Alligator clips are majorly electrical equipment. They can however be used for mechanical purposes so their use is not limited to one purpose.


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