Selecting the perfect gift for your beloved; it could be your parent, sibling, partner, or anyone dear to you, can be a very daunting task. If you opt for a gift that holds a personal touch, you should consider a locket. Here at, you will find the most incredible pieces. A personalized photo locket will put across how important the person you are gifting it to is. But if you are plagued with the question of whether gifting your beloved a personalized photo locket necklace is the right present. Then this article will give you a few pointers on why you should gift your beloved a personalized photo locket necklace. 

Photo Locket necklace History

Most people believe that lockets offer protection same as amulets. Lockets are an evolution of amulets. During Roman and ancient Greek times, Amulets were believed to act as a symbol of protection from evil, diseases, and danger. The amulets were a small piece of object that was precious to the owner.

Amulets evolved into lockets that contained precious objects, or the locket its self was considered precious. The photo locket necklace design grew in popularity in the 1800s when the Queen of the United Kingdom wore a locket to commemorate Prince Albert after his death. She wore the locket during her mourning period.

After that, the locket necklace became popular fashion trend jewelry for both the middle and upper class. Throughout history, the aim of a locket changed, but it is still a piece of jewelry that holds special meaning to the wearer. 

Why you should gift your beloved a personalized photo locket necklace

a) Affordable

Generally, a personalized photo locket necklace is very affordable. It does not have any extravagant costs, and anyone of any social standing can buy it depending on their budget.

b) Personal touch

Lockets allow the wearer to add a personal photo. The photo can be of someone very dear to them. Gifting someone a personalized photo locket can also symbolize how important they are to you. On the same photo locket, you can also opt to engrave a message. 

c) Design

With a personalized photo necklace, you can choose whatever design you feel is best. Also, you can select the picture to place in the locket. The personalized photo necklace can be handmade, therefore, made with tender care and with a specific person in mind.

d) Materials used

 A personalized photo locket necklace allows you to use the material and color you want. Some of the materials used to make a personalized photo locket necklace are; Rose gold, gold, diamond, silver, and other gemstones.

Importance of a personalized photo locket

  • A photo locket necklace can be used to honor friendships
  • Carry a photo of your beloved everywhere you go
  • The photo locket can be used during a mourning period for your loved one
  • It can also be used to demonstrate loyalty to a public figure, such as a celebrity


A personalized photo locket necklace can help keep the memory of a beloved alive. It can also be used to keep a photo of family members, friends, and significant people in one’s life. The main reason why you should consider buying a personalized photo locket necklace is that they are very stylish and sentimental.


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